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900% ROI for an Electronics Manufacturer

27 March 2024
Matt Kohli
Last updated: 22 April 2024


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Background & context

This case study is about a client in the electronics/manufacturing industry. 

It began as a small project with low-to-medium expectations, but through consistency and hard work, it grew to be something much bigger! 

SEO budget: £15,000 per year (£1,250 per month).


Expectations were fairly low to begin with because the budget was fairly low. This meant we had to carefully plan our approach and identify the most impactful opportunities to deliver great work that offered real value for money.

When we analysed the site, we encountered some technical issues that needed fixing. It was clear that we had to improve site speed, and we also needed to reduce irrelevant traffic and bring in more suitable prospects. 

SEO objectives

  1. Increase organic traffic significantly
  2. Generate new and relevant content
  3. Comprehensive technical optimisation of the website.

To achieve these objectives, the client and we agreed on appropriate but challenging KPIs: 20 organic leads and 600 organic UK sessions each month

Focus areas

We decided that the best way to use the client’s limited budget, given the specific challenges and opportunities found, was to focus on top-level technical errors then spend the bulk of our time on a comprehensive content strategy.

Priority tech fixes

The first time we visited the site, we noticed how slow it was, which was an immediate concern. So we prioritised overcoming site speed issues, before moving on to a full technical audit later down the line.

We ran a speed test with PageSpeed Insights and identified a few problems, which we then approached with the help of the client’s developers. We tackled:

  • Large files – There were lots of unoptimised images and videos on the site, which we optimised
  • Unoptimised code – The site had bulky JavaScript, CSS, and HTML that wasn’t efficiently written. We worked with the developers to streamline and minify the code
  • Lack of caching – We also found that the site wasn’t using browser or server caching. This meant that return visitors had to reload the whole page. We addressed this with the devs to enhance the user experience

After implementing these changes, our website’s PageSpeed Insights score dramatically improved, jumping from a modest 45 to an impressive 85.

Content strategy

The next priority area was content. We wanted to ensure we were reaching the right people in the right places, and the only way to do this was to clearly understand who the “right people” actually are. 

The first step was to develop detailed customer personas for the client’s main target audiences – there were a lot to choose from so we distilled our list down to a top three.

The personas each contained valuable information that could influence our strategy. We didn’t want to overcomplicate the task by giving them star signs and mentioning their hair colour – just key information.

From here, we broke down (from detailed conversations between us and the client) what the personas’ thought processes might be at each stage of their buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration, decision). Then we came up with content ideas to target these thought processes.

The buyer’s journey map formed the basis of our content strategy and gave us a foundation grounded in highly relevant topics.

Our content was relevant, educational, and explained topics or answered common questions among the target audience. It was also written to a very high standard and followed E-E-A-T principles. 

Here’s a portion of the buyer’s journey map for reference:

Screenshot 2023 11 24 at 10.49.59
900% ROI for an Electronics Manufacturer 7

Wider technical work

After we started on the content strategy, we began a staged technical audit (which was spread over a few months to help manage the budget). This audit allowed us to deep-dive into other areas that were holding the website back. 

The audit led us to rectify near-duplicate content, missing metadata, unoptimised schema, and we also improved the overall site structure and navigation to create a clear hierarchy for crawlers and users to travel through. We ensured everything was correctly categorised and nested, whereas before, it had been a bit of a mess.

Steady performance increases showed in the months following these changes. Combined with the site speed fixes, this allowed the new content to perform as well as possible.


SEO impact – 12 months

Over 100% growth in Organic Users, Organic Sessions, and Organic Conversions (previously goal completions in UA). An increase of 350% in clicks, and a 370% growth in overall Website Visibility:

Screenshot 2023 11 24 at 10.52.03
900% ROI for an Electronics Manufacturer 8

Sistrix Visibility Index – 12 months

As illustrated in the graphic above, the growth was steady for the most part, with only a few minor dips. The website benefitted from most of the algorithm updates, a clear indication that we were successfully meeting the needs of both users and Google.

Performance against KPIs

After 3 months, we consistently exceeded the KPIs of 20 Organic Leads and 600 UK Sessions per month, achieving the following:


Average monthly organic leads


Average monthly organic UK sessions

Want to improve your SEO ROI?

So, from a small budget and modest expectations, we drove £150,000 of revenue won exclusively through SEO work. 900% ROI isn’t bad either, and it just goes to show what can be done with a limited budget when you think both logically and creatively.

This client’s information has been anonymised, but if you’d like to learn more about this project, we’d be happy to share the details upon request.
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